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Gautam packer wood pellet weighing and packing system adopts international advanced PLC technology to achieve intelligent quantitative packaging of wood pellets. With unique features of compact structure, high weighing accuracy, easy operation and stable performance, it is popular in wood pellet, feed pellet, chemical and metallurgy industry.

Automatic Wood Pellet Weighing & Packing System Features

1. With built-in PLC control system to realize automatic packing, Gautam packer wood pellet weighing and packing system is widely used in wood pellet, feed pellet, grain, chemical and metallurgy industry.

2. Automatic weighing and packing system is suitable for particle materials with good fluidity and general powder materials. If the material is corrosive, the segments which contact with the materials can be made of stainless steel.

3. Adopt no weighing hopper structure, which can reduce the height and make compact structure, also convenient to install and reduce dust.

4. Equipped with full digital intelligent weighing control instrument, with high weighing accuracy, fast speed, easy operation, stable and reliable performance.

5. The instrument has a variety of functions, including: auto tare, zero tracking, out-of-tolerance alarm, communication, gross weight weighing, net weight and bag number accumulation, etc.

Tips & Warnings of Wood Pellet Packing System

* Ensure that there are certain amount of materials in the surge bin in the normal production process, or it may affect the packing accuracy.

* Can't reload the bags which already had materials during the automatic packing process.

* Please carefully read the operation instructions to avoid unnecessary operational errors and improper maintenance.